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September 11, 2011 911

Club Meeting

Good day Students:


You may get a duplicate email because I am going to send this out to everyone, but wanted to make sure that those that were interested in the club got this.


We are going to have a meeting Sept 4 and 5th.  At four different times as to try get a time that works for everyone.  If you are interested in being an officer please let me know and I will pass that on to the current ones, and you may want to attend all of the meeting if you can.


We do have to vote for officers and get our club charter at the end of the second day.


If you are interested in being an officer but can’t be at all the meetings  please let me know which ones you can be at and do a small write up so we can read it to those there for voting.


Meet times.


Also I am planning on giving your emails to the officers if you don’t want your email to be given out please let me know, there is a possibility that when emails go out from officers, they will be seen by other club members.


All in the SAC in the quiet room,  (If not interested in being an officer you need only to make one.)

SEPT 4th

1.       2:00 Pm to 3:00 PM

2.       3 to 4 Pm



Sept 5th

1.       4 to 5 pm

2.       5 to 6pm




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