How to get Emergency Text Alerts at VVC

1. To add your cell phone to the emergency text alert system, you need to go to WebAdvisor.


2. Go to the VVC website home page (, and

click REGISTER FOR CLASSES – WEBADVISOR in the Admissions column.


3. Next, click on Click Here to Go to WebAdvisor NOW.


4. Click Log In.


5. Enter your VVC username (firstname.lastname) and password and click Submit.


6. Click Employees.


7. Click Staff Phone Number Update.


8. Enter your Cell Phone Number in the Phone Number field.


9. Ensure you have selected “CELL CellPhone” from the drop-down menu.


10. Click Submit.


11. WebAdvisor will display a Phone Change Confirmed page.


12. You’re done, and you should begin receiving emergency text alerts once the system uploads your changed information to the RAVE text alert system.


Need a visual? Click here to view images of the instructions: