Mother's Day

Student mothers at VVC enjoy free manicures

Mother's Day

In honor of Mother’s Day, the Victor Valley College Associated Student Body gifted 80 student mothers with a relaxing manicure treatment.

Manicurists from Bella Mia Salon in Hesperia were on campus Monday and Tuesday to polish and pamper. The manicures were given to the first 80 student mothers to submit an essay of at least 150 words on the following prompt: “Describe your experience while attending Victor Valley College as a mother.”

The essays poured in with many beautiful stories shared and lots of heartfelt thanks to ASB for providing the event.

Here are just a few excerpts from the numerous essays submitted:

  • “Jumping into school after 15 years has been an adjustment … My daughters and husband have been very supportive throughout this journey so far and my goal is to finish strong as I should have done years ago. I always tell my children, ‘Study hard and you will reap the rewards later in life.’ The achievement of a degree should always be a personal one. We have to be self motivated and VVC has been extremely supportive as well.”
  • (My 15-year-old son) is proud of the fact that I went back. Of course he can practically take care of himself now. But last semester he got a head injury and that made going to school difficult. We had so many doctors appointments. And he couldn’t be left alone. But we made it through it. Six months later we found out we both had celiac disease. And that was a little difficult, but we made it through. I joined Phi Theta Kappa and my son was able to see me sworn in. And carrying a 3.65 GPA. Through all of that. I love VVC for the future it affords me.”
  • “I do want to include that VVC has prepared me in life to move forward confidently in receiving my B.A. I want to say that this has been a smooth path even with three children as a single mother. I have gained so much knowledge and also having a refresher of subjects that I may have taken 20 plus years ago. It has helped me prepare in helping my kids with their studies and making it easier. I am so honored to say that I have attended VVC and will truly miss this campus.”
  • “It’s very nice to be able to go to college classes with my daughter. It’s silly that she’s the one who’s been teaching me and helping me to be a student again. My daughter is the one who’s been pushing me to get my degree in Fine Arts. The ASB people are very encouraging too and always help me out when I’m struggling to print something out in the ASB lab.”
  • “Immediately when I stepped foot on the campus I said to myself, ‘Wow this is what a college should feel like.’ … I have been able to have access to helpful counselors, beautiful water lake views, that allow me to meditate and regroup after a long day class. One of my favorite things about Victor Valley College is the opportunity the school provide for transfer students and students in general to travel to other universities in have tours.”
  • “Being a mother while attending Victor Valley College has been one of the most challenging and fulfilling decisions of my life. Not only do I have to learn to manage my time, but I have to learn to be equally a good mother and student. I love that VVC offers tutoring and flexible classes for me to be successful. The online classes have proved he most helpful for allowing me to study on my own time. Overall, I believe VVC provides flexible classes and tutoring for even the busiest mother!”
  • “My experience at VVC as a mother has been great! I have had my share of ups and downs during my pregnancy trying to remain focused on school and handling a high risk pregnancy and recovering from a car accident. I thank God for allowing me to get through all the trouble to see how much I am to accomplish. My baby is almost one now and I’m still taking online classes, my teachers are helpful and very flexible schedules that allow me to be a mother and a student without feeling like I’m missing out on either one.”
  • “I learned how to adjust life being a mother while being a student also. I’ve joined EOPS, CalWORKs, and I’m a DSPS student which made it even more difficult but I got through it all. The CalWORKs program makes it where parents can be good students and still be able to take care of our children They treat you like family and they are the reason I’m able to be successful.”
  • “I am a returning student, and a mother of 5 daughters. It has been a challenge, however I am determined to finish and get my degree and now I am almost done. My family has been such a positive reinforcement for me to complete my degree. I would also like to point out that there are some professors that have been really great at encouraging and teaching me along the way. For that I am very grateful. It is never to late to go back and get your education.”
  • “I would love to win this mothers day manicure so that I can have a nice and relaxing day after school from all the stress of tests. I encouraged my kids to come to this school because of the great nursing program as well as the affordable degrees and programs that VVC offers. I believe that VVC offers the same quality classes as the top schools in California.”
  • “It was a hard choice for me to make (returning to school) because I’m still going through health issues. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to manage going to school, my home, my family and my health. I guess fighting breast cancer has made me a stronger person and has given me the want to do better in my life. I wanted to show my son that no matter what life throws at you that you can still accomplish great things in this world. I’ve had some great teachers that were understanding of my situation and that helped to ease my worries.”
  • “Although it has been challenging, it has taught me to be resilient … I have twin daughters who are now four years old. I am currently on the road to receiving my associates in Child Development. Although it is only a two year program, I have been enrolled for three years because I have been going slow but steady. However, that’s okay because like they say, slow and steady wins the race.”