New VVC art mural welcomes students


Campus is looking a little more vibrant these days thanks to a new mural created in collaboration between the VVC Art Club and Art Department faculty.

Completed on August 14th, the mural is located on the concrete wall that connects the Advanced Technology Center (ATC) and Art buildings. It features a group of colorful silhouettes of people walking closely together in a single direction.

“That wall has been screaming for something,” said Chris Rowland, the adjunct art instructor who led the project.

It’s something that you’re able to see from across the lake and a major improvement from the stark, gray concrete wall.”

The intent of the project was to feature student art in order to beautify the campus and promote a theme of diversity of inclusivity. It conveys an uplifting image of a diverse array of students.

Rowland led a group of VVC art students in completing the mural bit by bit over the course of a  week. They worked during evening hours, using a projector to display the outline in which to paint.

The unity and alignment of the figures communicates a partnership toward a shared goal of success, while the ranging colors of figures convey the diversity of paths students walk.

It supports one of the Associated Student Body Council’s goals for the 2019 – 2020 academic year, which is to “enhance the school’s beauty, overall enjoyment and school spirit” through the display of student artwork and other means.

“It sets the tone on inclusivity that is very important to all constituents at VVC,” ASB Vice President Amber Scott said. “Each person facing the same direction to me says we are valuable. We are each capable and our futures look bright. We are going together. #Ubuntu.”

The display is also aligned with the new college mission, which states that VVC is dedicated to providing opportunities for students “in partnership with the community.”

“Another goal of the project is to bring attention to the Art Department,” Rowland said. “We really want to reinvigorate the department. We have a lot of really talented students and we’d like to continue building the department’s reputation to support them.”