Students using laptops on campus

Spring into action: Find a last-minute class at VVC

Students using laptops on campus

By Brian Woods

The spring semester is in full bloom at Victor Valley College, but the windows of opportunity to enroll in last-minute classes are soon coming to a close. 

Many students are still making schedule adjustments and searching for available credits ahead of the first week of the new semester, which begins February 18. 

Whether looking to enroll in a course that either fulfills your requirements, helps you remain full-time, replaces any waitlist you may be stuck on or simply sparks your interest — VVC has a class that’s right for you. 

The college’s main campus has a diverse offering of courses that meet General Education (GE) requirements for many degrees. GE courses include College Algebra (MATH-105), English Composition and Reading (ENGL-101), Personal and Community Health (HLTH-102) and Introduction to American Government and Politics (POLS-102). 

Notable niche programs still enrolling include Automotive and Construction Technology, which provide students with immersive learning experiences specific to those trades.

Art meets technology in the Animation program, with the Principles of Animation (ANIM-50-74763) and 3DS Max Fundamentals (ANIM-160-74768) still available to add. 

Students pursuing a certificate in Paralegal Studies can still enroll in Introduction courses (PAL-100), Conflict Resolution and Negotiations (PAL-207-74338) or Immigration Law (PAL-208-75774).

The Adapted Physical Education department is offering a variety of controlled exercise classes, including Advanced Physical Fitness (ADPE-41A-73496) and Hawaiin Dance (ADPE-90-73499). For those interested in developing photography skills, there are a handful of photo classes available, including Beginning Digital Photography (PHOT-111-74362) and Introduction to Photoshop (PHOT-52-74367).

If interested in joining a skill-enhancing, team-building environment, the Athletics department is actively recruiting potential student-athletes.

Men’s Varsity Baseball (ATHL-120-75448) and Tennis (ATHL-128-73676) are available. Women’s Varsity Basketball (ATHL-122-73668) and Sand Volleyball (ATHL-144-73683) are also enrolling. 

Many students also seek alternative education options that may be closer to the comfort of their homes. Fortunately, courses are available at convenient locations across the High Desert, including Hesperia and Serrano High School campuses.

Courses available at Hesperia High School include English 101, along with its’ corequisite course English 81. Health 102, History 117 and Math 105 are also available at this location.

At Serrano High School, classes still enrolling include Introduction to Physical Anthropology (ANTH-101-75758), American Sign Language I (ASL-122-75762), Child, Family and Community Development (CHDV-106-75788) and Introductory Psychology (PSYC-101-74430). 

A variety of other online, off-campus and hybrid courses are available for students to enroll in before the spring semester begins. To confirm academic progress and class requirements, students are advised to meet with a counselor to develop or update their Educational Plan. 

VVC Counselors are on site weekly in the Student Services Center (Bldg 23). To browse further course availability, visit