Study-a-thon helps VVC students successfully complete Fall semester


Story by Rosa Alvarado

VVC’s Study-a-thon has been known to successfully improve students’ understanding of class subjects in preparation for final exams, and the Fall 2020 event was no exception.

More than 200 students participated in the Study-a-Thon this year, combined between all sessions, which included math, writing, chemistry, and accounting & economics. The event took place via Zoom on Friday, December 11.

“This event went surprisingly well since it was completely remote,” said Anh Weis, VVC math instructor and head of the Math Success Center. “The attendance is almost the same numbers as the past semester, before the coronavirus pandemic.”

Students joined Study-A-Thon sessions simply by logging into Canvas, clicking on “Tutoring and Academic Support,” on “ConferZoom” and then locating the workshop they wanted to join.

Although classes and school activities are remote, the Study-a-thon still resulted in a high success rate overall and helped students better prepare for completing the Fall semester.

A participating student, Kaidin Oliver, thanked the math department for a “great final study review.”

“I am very pleased that even with hard times with COVID, you guys made it work and honestly did better than I was expecting for this semester. You guys are awesome and I can’t thank you enough,” Oliver said.

The study event not only helped students succeed in their classes, but also awarded more than $600 worth of gift card prizes to those who participated, funded by the Associated Study Body.

“I want to express my gratitude to Superintendent/President Dan Walden, the President’s Cabinet for their support in funding for the event and to ASB Council for providing prizes for our Students. The event would not take place without their support for the last four years,” Weis said. “The Study-a-thon becomes a culture among our VVC students. They look forward to getting the help to succeed in passing the final exams to pass their courses.”

Students also gave special thanks to Weis and the Math Success Center.

“Thank you for this whole semester … Encouraging us to get help from the math tutors at the MSC allowed me to understand my faults and learn from them,” said Alona, a student who recently took one of Weis’ classes.


A total of 186 students attended the math sessions alone, with the highest attended sessions being Math 105 with Anh Weis and Trinity Mecklenburg and Math 120 with Steve Toner and Jarom Viehweg. 

“Math faculty worked together to create a common practice final exam for high traffic classes such as Math 105 and Math 120 this semester to help our students in remote learning,” Weis said. “Bravo! This benefited so many students.”

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