VVC’s photography classes combine creative and technical development — Enrollment open for Spring 2021

Photography offers a multitude of career possibilities and is an exciting field that involves both artistic and technical components.

At Victor Valley College, the study of photography prepares students for a variety of employment opportunities as well as pathways to more advanced educational programs in photography and film. VVC offers a Photography Certificate and photo classes can also be taken as electives or to earn credits towards an Associate in Arts, Fine Arts.

Those interested in photography should consider enrolling in one of the classes open for the Spring 2021 semester, including Beginning Digital Photography (PHOT 111), Intermediate Photography (PHOT 101), Introduction to Photoshop (PHOT 133), Beginning Photography (PHOT 100), Environmental Photography (PHOT 151), Photographic Lighting Techniques (PHOT 153) and Portfolio Design (PHOT 54).

The Photography Department offers a no-cost loaner camera and photography equipment program. With a valid VVC Student ID, photography students can borrow a camera and photography equipment for a limited time to complete assignments at no-cost.

art show photos
This screenshot from Victor Valley College’s online Fall 2020 Student Art Show displays a sample of student work from the Photo 105 Portraiture class offered at VVC. The Art Show is available to view on www.VVC-art.com until Feb. 16, 2021.

ASB Fine Arts Sentor Itzel Gonzalez, who is pursuing a career in photography, said she has “gained a lot” from taking a photography class at VVC.

“Although I have taken only one photography class (PHOT 100), Professor Shelby has been a prominent figure when giving her students feedback in terms of our composition, rule of thirds and tones of color,” Gonzalez said. “She has also taught me a lot about the art of photography and the history behind it all.”

The Beginning Photography helped Gonzalez learn how to adjust the settings on her camera for each shot and inspired her to continue learning on her own.

“I have recently done a personal photo series with indoor blue hour lighting, and if I didn’t take a class at VVC, I wouldn’t know how to apply F-Stop like I do today,” she said.

Gonzalez plans to transfer to a four-year university to earn a bachelor’s in fine arts before pursuing a career in magazine and fashion photography.

Fabian Guillen, who served as the Fine Arts Senator for the 2019-2020 ASB Council, has taken a total of seven photography classes and VVC, with positive things to say about each one.

His favorite courses overall were Beginning Photography (PHOT 100) with instructor Chris Shelby and Introduction to Photojournalism (PHOT 106) with Sarah Alvarado.

“Beginning Photography teaches you about being more precise and understanding of what you’re capturing,” Guillen said. “It was also super educational learning how to edit your photos with just a light, without using photoshop. Just by dodging and burning, evading and putting light onto the film … it makes the photo unique because no one else can replicate it exactly like you do.”

Guillen said Photojournalism taught him other practical skills, including how to write photo captions and interview people.

“Sarah was very open to talk to us about real-life situations and reporting in the field,” Guillen said. “She pushed us to do better and get out of our bubble and past our insecurities to talk to people.”

When asked to share any advice with students considering taking a photography class, Guillen said to not be afraid of the camera and all the equipment it comes with.

“Take pictures of anything and everything you find appealing and something will come out of it,” he said. “Do your work on time and if you mess up, it’s going to be okay — messing up is part of the learning experience.”

Visit https://catalog.vvc.edu/degrees-certificates/photography/ to learn more about photography courses and the Photography Certificate at Victor Valley College.

A full listing of open classes for the upcoming Spring 2021 semester is available online here: http://www.vvc.edu/section-status-report/OpenSections.pdf

These are all of the photography classes offered for Spring:

  • Beginning Digital Photography (PHOT 111) with Henry Richards — Section #79791
  • Beginning Digital Photography (PHOT 111) with Chris Shelby — Sections #79792 and #79793
  • Intermediate Photography (PHOT 101) with Chris Shelby — Section #79790
  • Introduction to Photoshop (PHOT 133) with John Reid — Sections #79796 and #79798
  • Introduction to Photoshop (PHOT 133) with Leonard Lopez — Section #79797
  • Beginning Photography (PHOT 100) with Sarah Alvarado — Section #79789
  • Environmental Photography (PHOT 151) with Aaron Giesel — Section #81777
  • Photographic Lighting Techniques (PHOT 153) with Henry Richards — Section #79800
  • Portfolio Design (PHOT 54) with Sarah Alvarado — Section #79799

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