Victor Valley College adds TimelyMD to support students’ medical and mental health



As part of Victor Valley College’s ongoing response to COVID-19, students now have free, immediate and unlimited access to medical and mental health counseling visits through TimelyMD, a telehealth company that specializes in higher education. 

TimelyCare, as the program is branded, offers students a complete care solution for campus health, with on-demand and appointment-based medical care and on-demand mental health counseling programs specifically designed for college students.

The program gives students free 24/7 access to licensed physicians and mental health professionals anywhere in the United States. 

“We know that students lead busy, complicated lives. The pandemic has made life, and being a student, even more challenging,” said Vice President of Student Development Dr. Karen Engelsen. “Students, we hope that you’ll utilize TimelyMD and benefit from the 24/7 access to medical, emotional and mental health care providers. It’s free, confidential and available to all registered VVC students. We care about you and your future. Stay well.”


TimelyMD enhances campus resources by helping limit the spread of illness, reduce the stigma of mental health counseling, and grant peace of mind to students and their families. In fact, a recent survey found the top three things that would boost parents’ confidence in the ability of campuses to support students this fall were 1) on-campus enforcement of social distancing, 2) regular COVID-19 testing and 3) access to 24/7 telehealth resources for physical and mental health – all of which Victor Valley College has implemented.

“The experiences we’ve all gone through during this pandemic have called attention to the need to invest in programs that support mental health and overall well-being,” said Associated Student Body President Bridge Lee. “I’m so appreciative of VVC for bringing care solutions to students at a time when we need it most. I hope that students will take full advantage of this exceptional opportunity and that it will be continued for years to come.”

Seeking care on-demand is as easy as making a video call through TimelyMD. From an app on their phone or other device, students can see the profiles, faces and basic identifying details of a diverse range of medical providers or mental health counselors available to them. They can choose to meet with a specific provider or select the first available. Typically, students are having a video consultation with someone within 5 to 10 minutes. 

“Virtual access to medical and mental health counseling has never been more important, especially for college students who may be learning remotely, need care after hours, and prefer to do so privately on their own devices,” said Luke Hejl, Chief Executive Officer of TimelyMD. “Resuming classes this fall includes anticipating and addressing the concerns, needs and demands of students and their families. TimelyMD is proud to partner with Victor Valley College to take quality medical and mental health care off everyone’s worry list.” 


About Victor Valley Community College District

The Victor Valley Community College District (VVCCD) is one of 72 community college districts within the California Community College system, the largest educational system in the world, which encompasses 116 community colleges. The VVCCD has for 60 years provided its communities and students with quality and affordable career training, certificates, associate’s degrees, and preparation for transfer to four-year colleges or universities through Victor Valley College (VVC).  For additional information on the VVCCD, please contact Robert A. Sewell, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at 760-245-4271, Ext. 2395 or by email at robert.sewell@vvc.edu.

About TimelyMD

Focused on improving the health of student populations, TimelyMD offers universities and colleges a comprehensive, custom program centered around telehealth. TimelyMD’s campus-wide solution gives students one point of contact–anytime, anywhere–to get quality care and immediate treatment for medical or mental health concerns from board certified physicians and licensed counselors. TimelyMD’s telehealth programs optimize clinic resources and support clinic staff in delivering quality care to the right students at the right times. Visit timely.md for more information.

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