VVC Receives Accreditation without Sanction



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VVC Receives Accreditation Without Sanction

VICTORVILLE – Victor Valley College’s accreditation status has been fully confirmed with no sanctions. In a letter received June 29, 2015 from Barbara Beno, President of Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC), Dr. Beno stated, “the Commission took action to remove Probation.”


The ACCJC, at its meeting June 3-5, 2015, reviewed the Follow-Up Report submitted by Victor Valley College, the report of the evaluation team that visited on March 25, 2015, and considered the opening testimony provided by President Roger Wagner. The Commission was appreciative of the commitment toward improvement that Dr. Wagner spoke of. The Follow-Up report was certified by the college leadership, including the president of the Board Of Trustees, Dr. Wagner, leaders of the faculty, and the Associated Student Body.


Dr. Beno further shared that based on the College Follow-Up Report, evidence submitted, and the External Evaluation Team Report, the Commission found that Victor Valley College has addressed the remaining sections from the last comprehensive review and resolved deficiencies in College policies, procedures, and practice which led to noncompliance. Commission took action to remove Victor Valley College from Probation, as well as action on 37 other institutions, including external evaluations, midterm reports, and follow-up reports, which can be found under Recent Actions on their website, www.accjc.org .


The good news was immediately shared with the VVC Campus Community by superintendent/president Roger Wagner, “I am pleased to inform you that Victor Valley College has been removed from probation by the ACCJC! More importantly, I want to extend my deep gratitude to each of you for your role in helping make this happen.  I want to offer a special thank you to the full-time faculty for agreeing to concessions which helped make this possible.  This is truly great news for all of us and the community as well. Thanks to each of you…job well done!”




The Victor Valley Community College District (VVCCD) is one of 72 community college districts within the California Community College system, the largest educational system in the world, which encompasses 112 community colleges. The VVCCD has for 53 years provided its communities and students with quality and affordable career training, certificates, associate’s degrees, and preparation for transfer to  four-year colleges or universities through Victor Valley College (VVC.  For additional information on the VVCCD, please contact Robert A. Sewell, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at 760-245-4271, Ext. 2395 or by email at robert.sewell@vvc.edu.



A Special Welcome From Communication Center Facilitator

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,


I am happy to welcome everyone back for the Spring semester and would like to remind everyone of the services offered in the Communication Center. Our focus is to assist students in the development of their public speaking and presentation skills. Our goal is provide an environment that allows students to become comfortable in this format and minimize the anxiety that accompanies speaking in front of groups.


The center is staffed with a facilitator and one tutor to assist students in speech/presentation composition, visual aid development, delivery skills, and guidance in utilizing smart classroom technology. While staffing is limited we are still happy to schedule a visit from the student tutor or myself to share with students, faculty and staff the services we offer in the center to all on campus. Our hours for the Spring Semester remain unchanged from the Fall and are listed below for your convenience and quick reference.


Hours of Operation for Spring 2015

Monday: 9:30am-3:00pm

Tuesday: 9:30am-12:30pm

Wednesday: 9:30am-3:00pm

Thursday: 9:30am-12:30ps

Friday: 8:30am-10:30am

Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays CLOSED


We understand public speaking can sometimes be an intimidating process and we are here to help students succeed at every stage of the process offering support and feedback for continued improvement. Please let your students know of the resources available to them in the center and please refer them to us for assistance in your class presentation/speech assignments. We work with both individuals and groups in the development and offer computer access for composition, access to Power Point for visual aid development, feedback regarding delivery, and the use of smart classroom technology to familiarize them with classroom resources for presenting.


For individual assistance feel free to stop by during hours of operation and we will be happy to help. We are located in the PAC, Building 54 Room 213 and can be reach at (760)245-4271 x 2822. Again the service is open to everyone on campus and we are happy to tailor our message to fit the needs of your assignment. We thank you in advance for your support and look forward to serving the students, faculty, and staff of VVC. Have a great semester!



Jennifer Fowlie

Adjunct Faculty, Communication Studies

Facilitator, Communication Center

(760)245-4271 x2822


VVC Communication Center: 


Job Opportunities in Solar

Greetings from Construction Tech!


Do you know someone that needs a decent job?


Construction Technology offers a 6-unit course that leads almost invariable to a job and career in the Solar Industry.  We’ve offered the class 3 times in the last 1.5 years, and about 90% of the students get employed within 4 weeks of completion.  We now have 8 partner-employers that grab our graduates as soon as they can.  If you know someone that wants to get into construction, is physically fit, and has decent math skills (percents and basic algebra), they can be working by the end of June, perhaps sooner as some of our partners want to hire some students part-time while they are still taking the class this spring.  


The WaitlistThe class caps at 25, but we go to the waitlist knowing that if we start with 35, we’ll end up with about 25.  We’ll have the class this spring, this summer, and in the fall.  So even when the class is filled up, sign-up on the waitlist and show-up on the first day of class!!


Opportunity:  Demand is great for the solar industry and our students become: installers (50%), site surveyors (15%), designers (15%), salesmen (5%), electricians(5%), and project managers (10%) depending on the experience and skill set that they bring.  We’ve had 3 women graduate and 3 are employed, so this is not a “men-only” kind of career.  


Pay.  Local companies start installers at $12/hr and raise them to $15/hr at 3 months.  “Down below companies” start at $16-$18 and provide pretty good benefits.  Most of our first class a year ago has promoted at least once and are making $18/hr+, working full-time and overtime.  So, the class + work experience = a decent start to a career in solar.


If you have anyone that is interested and would like more information, call Tony Bonato at (760) 245-4271 x 2817.   The focus of the class is to get into the industry, not just to “learn about solar”, since we have CT-142 Renewable Energy that is more “academic” in nature. The PV class is for someone that wants to work.


50th Anniversary Memories - Tech-X 2010

Message from Victor Valley College Superintendent/President Dr. Roger Wagner

It’s all about the students.


Students first. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? I think so. In fact, putting students first is something I am insisting on as the President of Victor Valley College. I have been on the job for a little over six months and have a few observations I want to share.


Victor Valley College offers students an excellent education at a great value in an exciting environment.


With that said, I think we can create an even stronger academic climate for our students. I think we can move students even closer to the heart of what we do, and be even more mindful of where and how they fit into our mission.


We all need to reach out to our students even more, and make them feel more valued and welcomed. We can also be more patient, positive, and helpful when interacting with students. We can do a better job of eliminating red tape and bureaucracy. And where we can’t streamline administrative processes further, we can improve on our ability to help students navigate them. 


Once we have accepted a student into our college, then we must take every step necessary to keep them in class and create an environment that fosters success. There are many barriers for VVC students, including increased fees and the ever-growing cost of textbooks. We can’t let the inability of our students to pay be the barrier to their education and our community’s economic growth. I will continue to look for ways to strengthen our needs based scholarships.


Our students also need access to meaningful educational experiences, such as internships, applied research, or studying abroad. Where we can strengthen these existing components.


As an open admission institution our students come to us with a wide variety of strengths and vulnerabilities, and as such require a wide range of support services. We need to monitor the graduation and retention rates of our different populations, identify students who are at risk and engage them in new and creative ways. We will be doing exactly this with special funding, we received, that is intended to reinforce our student success efforts and eliminating risk where we can.


Above all, it means we must create and operate as a compassionate and caring campus community. At times it is necessary for educators to be intrusive and directive, but a better solution is the embracing and engaging interaction that invites and persuades. Since my arrival at VVC I have conducted more than a dozen workshops on servant leadership, the leadership philosophy that I have practiced for well over 20 years. Grounded in the effective use of listening, persuading, empathizing, and serving; all intended to create a compassionate and caring campus. This is how we will reach our students, those who are thriving, and those at risk of failure.


In short, students and student needs should be at the center of every discussion we have and every decision we make.


Victor Valley College continues to have its challenges just as its students have challenges. I hope to share with you in the coming months more about servant leadership, our accreditation status, budget challenges, trust issues, as well as other concerns that I have heard from members of our community.




Victor Valley College Superintendent/President Dr. Roger Wagner

Leadership Style Making A Difference At VVC



Leadership Style Making A Difference At VVC


Victorville, February 3, 2015… Many companies value Servant Leadership and not surprisingly quite a few are listed in Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to work for.  Half of the top 10 are identified as practicing Servant Leadership.  It has been well-reported that Victor Valley College’s new Superintendent/President, Roger Wagner, Ph.D., subscribes to this philosophy and is applying it to his leadership of the college.  Dr. Wagner will share the tenets of Servant Leadership, with the community, in a free public workshop.  The Becoming a Servant Leader, Do You Have What it Takes? workshop will be held in the Victor Valley College Performing Arts Center on Thursday, February 12, beginning at 6 p.m.


“Servant leadership has changed me and I believe it will change Victor Valley College,” said Dr. Wagner.  “It may have the power to change the community and so I’m eager to help our stakeholders understand the power it will have on our campus.”


‘Servant leadership is a philosophy and set of practices that enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organizations and ultimately creates a more just and caring world.  While servant leadership is a timeless concept, the phrase “servant leadership” was coined by Robert K. Greenleaf in The Servant as Leader, an essay that he first published in 1970.’

“As the new guy I know that I will have to accept doing some things differently than I have in the past.  I have asked our students, faculty, and staff that they also be willing to do some things differently as we learn more about one another,” said Dr. Wagner.

Anyone interested in Servant Leadership is encouraged to attend.  For more information about the Becoming a Servant Leader, Do You Have What it Takes? Workshop please contact Robert A. Sewell at (760) 245-4271 ext. 2395.


VVC MKTG_Servant Leadership 01






The Victor Valley Community College District (VVCCD) is one of 72 community college districts within the California Community College system, the largest educational system in the world, which encompasses 112 community colleges. The VVCCD has for 53 years provided its communities and students with quality and affordable career training, certificates, associate’s degrees, and preparation for transfer to  four-year colleges or universities through Victor Valley College (VVC.  For additional information on the VVCCD, please contact Robert A. Sewell, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at (760) 245-4271, Ext. 2395 or by email at robert.sewell@vvc.edu.

*VVC ALERT: attempted assault with a deadly weapon

VVC Alert: on 1/27/15 at about 9:30 p.m. an attempted assault with a deadly weapon (knife) occurred on the VVC campus, on East Campus Drive behind Adaptive P.E. The suspect was described as a Hispanic male with a mustache and small beard, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt.  This is believed to be the same suspect as the one involved in the attempted sexual assault on 1/20/15. Please exercise caution and be alert while on the campus.. Call Campus police at 911 or (760) 245-4271 ext. 2555 if you need emergency assistance.