VVC is looking for TikTok creators NOW – You could win!


Hey Rams!


Victor Valley College is looking for students who are TikTok users or creators — specifically those who like to dance!


We’re working on some exciting new ways to increase VVC’s engagement in the community and we need your help.


The college is planning to launch video ads on TikTok. The concept of this ad is to show a confident student dancing in an increasingly over-the-top, excited manner. We just need at least 15 seconds and no more than 45 seconds of you dancing and we’ll add the rest (text, music, editing, etc.).



YOU COULD WIN! Submit your TikToks by midnight Sunday, May 23, 2021 to be considered.

The students whose videos we select for these ads will each receive a $100 Amazon gift card. Those who don’t get selected for the ad will also have a chance to win — we will award $50 Amazon gift cards to 5 other students who submit videos, chosen at random.



Interested in being featured in VVC ads on TikTok? Here’s what you need to do:


  1. Use your phone to record no shorter than a 15-second vertical video of yourself (full body in frame) Example timeline below

  • First 5 seconds: Begin with simple, slower dance moves

  • Next 5 seconds: Transition into more energetic/complex dancing

  • Last 5 seconds: Finish with full-energy, faster and/or more complex dancing


  1. Email the video to VVCCares@gmail.com with “TikTok video submission” as the subject line. You don’t need to post it to TikTok.



Guidelines for the video:

-Make sure you take a vertical video with your whole body in the frame.

-Wear normal street wear clothing (bonus points for VVC colors – maroon and gold) OR anything you own that has VVC’s logo on it. Please avoid wearing any other large or obvious brand logos or sports team gear.

-Make sure you have good lighting to film your video in. The easiest way to achieve this is to film outside or near a large window during the daytime.

-Keep the background simple and clean. Use a simple wall in your house as the background or if you’re outside, an area with trees or bushes in the background could work well.


Recommendations for the dance:

-Get creative! We’re not choreographing it — we’d like your style and personality to shine.

-Start simple and slow (maybe body rolls or a box step – hip hop style) for the first 5 seconds.

-For the next five seconds, transition into more fast-paced dancing (add some footwork like the Charleston or the V Step or upper body moves like chest pops).

-Go ALL IN for the last five seconds — choose some fun dance moves and go fast and give it 100% effort (ideas for moves: Helicopter Hands, Smeeze, Happy Feet, BK Bounce, Lock It Down).

-Search YouTube for TikTok dance compilations and instructional videos for inspiration!

-Remember to keep the video to 15 seconds long.



Thank you, Rams! We can’t wait to see your videos!

Questions? Email Robert.Sewell@VVC.edu or call 760-245-4271 ext. 2395