What is Skills-Based Training?

The fact of the matter is skills based training can be whatever you want it or need it to be for your specific industry. At Skills 360, we provide workforce training opportunities for both large and small companies in the High Desert area. So if, you are located in Apple Valley and want to provide your employees with an opportunity to develop a new skill, then we are the perfect solution. We will create a customized skills based training experience designed to fit your needs as an employer but also help develop your employees. In the global economy of today, every employee needs to have a wide variety of skills, and they can never become complacent. Everyone should place importance on learning new skills and applying them to their craft.

Soft Skills Training

At Skills 360, we recognize that some businesses have the need for soft skills training. Soft skills are designed to help employees work and manage the business world and its multiple relationships with ease. The following are a few examples of soft skills that most businesses have needed:

  • Business Ethics
  • Business Communications
  • Business Writing
  • Business Etiquette
  • Conflict Management
  • E-mail Etiquette
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Skills
  • Presentation
  • Time Management


If your business is set in the office environment, chances are your employees have at one time or another developed a need for these skill sets. In the ever-changing technological environment we work in today, it can be crucial to hone these skills and address these topics on a regular basis. To find out more about our soft skills based training programs, contact us today to set up a consultation. We will be happy to work with you, to develop a course that meets your needs as a business and helps you train your employees for the future.

Hard Skills Training

If you are hoping to provide your employees with hard skills to help them develop their craft within the business, then we have plenty of training opportunities available for you. Our highly-skilled professional course developers have hands-on training in their fields, but they also have the expertise required to develop an effective course. Our workforce training programs are designed to be relevant to the industry while at the same time customized for your needs as a business. We offer hard skills based training in the following areas:

  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Solar & Sustainable Technologies
  • Public Safety Business & Information Systems
  • Computers & Electronics

In addition to providing you with valuable workforce training coursework in these areas, we also provide you with certification programs for your employees. For instance, if you want your employees to receive a certification in solar & sustainable technologies to help give your company the competitive advantage, we can create a course that allows them to receive this certification from an accredited organization. At Skills 360, we will help you identify your goals as a business as well as challenges that you will need to overcome to get there. At the same time, we value your input and want to create a customized program that is perfect for your business needs.

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