What is Skills 360?

What is Skills 360?

At Skills 360, we contract with local businesses in order to provide workforce training programs to employees to help develop their skills and provide them higher education opportunities to help them succeed in the industry. Each training program is custom designed to fit your needs as a business, and we cater the programs specifically to your needs. Whether you are a large corporation in the High Desert area, or you run a small business in Victorville, we can create an online training program for you. The professionals at Skills 360 can help you create a workforce training program in one of the following areas: information systems, electronics, business, engineering, computer technology, manufacturing, public safety, health care or construction.

In order to set up your contract education program, we will begin with a consultation session, to help give you a better understanding of the programs that we provide for our clients. Our approach is highly specialized as we know how to, quickly and efficiently, identify your needs as a business. In addition to setting up goals and identifying challenges that your company faces, we will also use data analysis to get a better understanding of your needs. However, the only way that this program works is through your input. We want to make sure we are developing a program that works for you, so it’s essential to stay involved and offer feedback. This is considered a collaborative consultation.

After your consultation appointment is complete, we will get to work developing a curriculum that works for you and your employees. We recognize that every organization is different and has unique goals for its employees, so it only seems fitting that every workforce training program is tailored to the needs of that individual organization. We feel this is the best way for your employees to be successful and for you to see results in the end.

We don’t just hand you the curriculum program and walk away though. When you work with our Contract Education department, we see you through until the very end. After your employees have completed the program, we will help you measure your results and subsequently analyze them.

Through our Contract Education program at Skills 360, we want to help boost the economy in the High Desert area, from Victorville to Hesperia. Our customized training programs and online courses are designed to be beneficial for everyone involved. The goal is not only to help the administrators at the business, but also provide employees with new and useful skills that they can use in their careers. This unique program is available to businesses of all different shapes and sizes, and the fact that each workforce training program is customizable means that it can be built to suit your specific needs.

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