Victor Valley College Reduces Tuition on Solar Tech Training

Comprehensive Alternative Energy Training goes from $3,500 to $1,000

Victorville, CA—As a result of the Southern California Edison Scholarships, Victor Valley College (VVC) has drastically reduced tuition on their new Solar Thermal Technician training class. The tuition for the comprehensive twelve week course now costs $1,000 per student, down from $3,500 per student initially proposed.

SCE—through the California Solar Initiative program—has agreed to provide scholarship opportunities to help create green jobs and train the next generation of solar electric and solar water heating installers.

“We need to get this training out to as many students as possible and the new $1,000 tuition will go a long way towards filling the class” says Solar Instructor and VVC Construction Tech Department Chair Anthony Bonato. “The push is on from the business community for trained installers.”

VVC is holding a free orientation on Monday July 22nd from 6-8pm in the Student Activities Center (SAC) located on the upper campus to discuss class details and tuition payment plans.

The customized curriculum was developed in conjunction with Desert Solar (DS), a solar system provider in the High Desert. In fact, DS Operations Manager Scott Mazolla says the need is greater now than ever for highly skilled solar technicians. This urgency is driven by an increase in systems sales by companies such as the Apple Valley based DS Energy, a local company that has expressed interest in employing VVC Solar Thermal graduates.

Solar is the fastest-growing sector of the renewable energy industry and green careers are becoming more prevalent. In order to define career pathways, VVC has scheduled a job fair featuring some of the biggest names in solar employment once the class is completed. Once students have completed the VVC training they should be well prepared to take the NABCEP Entry-Level Exam, an industry recognized credential.

Those interested in learning more about this class should attend the free orientation on July 22nd from 6-8pm in the SAC. Prospective students can also call 760-245-4271 ext.2741 or visit  for more information.



Victor Valley College Launches Solar PV Tech Training

Victor Valley College Launches Solar PV Tech Training

A Local Corporate Sponsor Offers Scholarships to VVC Students

Victorville, CA—the local community college continues to stay on the leading edge of education by offering a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation Tech training class on August 8th and a large local corporate sponsor aims to help. The yet to be named company has agreed to provide scholarship opportunities to students interested in taking VVC’s Solar PV Technician Training class. These scholarships are due to a supportive relationship between the sponsor and VVC. “This is a great opportunity for our students to get a top-notch energy education at an affordable price” says Anthony Bonato, Construction Technology Department Chair at the college. “Our sponsor is very involved in our local education initiatives.”

While there are other solar tech classes on the market, none of them are as comprehensive as the one at VVC. Many other classes run between 40 and 60 hours and are little more than test prep sessions. For starters, this class covers 12 weeks of intensive training and features four separate types of installation models: an S-Tile roof, a Shingle roof, a Flat roof, and a Ground-Mounted system. In addition, there is a solar-thermal component where students will learn how to install and troubleshoot solar hot water systems. These types of variable models are designed to give students the practical, hands-on experience they will need to be productive in the field.

The customized curriculum was developed in collaboration with Desert Solar, a leading PV system provider located in Apple Valley. While DS Energy is not the scholarship sponsor, Scott Mazolla  Operations Manager of DS Energy was instrumental in building what was to be included in the class. As a potential employer of VVC graduates, he wanted practical elements included in the lesson plans so students could hit the ground running once they graduated. Scott oversees all of the installation projects at Desert Solar, including the ones erected at Apple Valley High School and knows what professional installers need to succeed.

This class is also closely aligned with the job market. Solar PV is the fastest growing sector of the green energy industry and careers are becoming more prevalent. In fact, a job fair featuring some of the biggest names in solar employment will be held once the class is completed. Putting qualified students out in front of employers is what Victor Valley College is all about. Once students have completed their training, they will be able to sit for the NABCEP Certification Exam, an industry recognized credential.

Anyone interested in this highly specialized training should call 760-245-4271 x.2741 to inquire about availability.

Victor Valley College Trains Cardiac Technicians



For more information:  Julie Christiansen, 760.245.4271 ext. 2628

Victor Valley College Trains Cardiac Technicians

EKG Tech Cert Program Provides Health Care Job Training

Victorville, CA—Health care is exploding here in the High Desert. With three hospitals up and running and a brand new medical campus that is currently under construction, health care professionals are more in demand than ever! In fact, according to economic data from the State of California EKG Tech positions are projected to grow 25% statewide through the year 2020. Heart disease is a leading cause of death among an aging population and certified technicians are an integral part of a cardiac diagnostic team.

The Electrocardiograph (EKG) Technician operates and maintains EKG machines that detect and record electronic impulses transmitted by the heart during and between heartbeats. The EKG Technicians usually perform the test with the patient lying on an examination table and attaches electrodes to the patient’s chest, arms, and legs. For treadmill stress tests, EKG Technicians document the patient’s medical history, explain the procedure, connect the patient to an EKG monitor, and obtain a baseline reading and resting blood pressure. Students who pass this class very often take other classes such as Phlebotomy or Diagnostic Sonographer in order to expand their health care skills portfolio.

The pay rate for entry-level EKG Technicians ranges from about $11 to $12 per hour. Students can expect to make upwards of $15 to $17 per hour as they continue to build their skills. These classes tend to fill quickly and space is limited! For more information or to register, please call 760-245-4271 extension 2628 or visit  to learn about additional classes.